4HG (For His Glory) Update – September 7, 2016

Dear Parents,

Well! It’s here! September has started, we are back to school and back to our routines. This also means that youth ministry is back in full swing!

We have spent the summer, praying and asking what God would have for us in this next year. We are so excited for what is coming up! There are a lot of changes that are taking place. Please pray with us as we try new things.

Some things that are going to be different…

First of all, we have a new name! As some of the senior high youth discussed a new name – they came up with 4HG – which means 4 His Glory! We are so excited about this as this is exactly what we want youth group and our lives to be – for His Glory.

• Another change is that the Wave and the Way will be both operating under the same name, same night. In any given night, there will be times that the group is all together, and then times that we will split off into age appropriate groups. Going forward, you will see information on 4HG and if there is a difference in what the age groups are doing, they will be referred to as Jr. High (Grades 5-8) and Senior High (Grades 8-12). You will note that Grade 8 is a bit of a transition year – this allows for your child to go where his or her friends are.

• Another change is that 4HG will be running on Monday nights. This will be a trial period. We understand that for many, it means an adjustment in the schedule – thank you. We will go from 7pm to 9pm and will work hard to be out right on time.

Some things that are not different……

• We require consent forms for every event. We have worked hard to get all of our plans in place so that you only have to fill out one form for now until December. Each event will need to be initialled and the entire form filled out. Please understand that if there is a change in plans, we may need another done. This isn’t because we like paperwork – it is because our church values the safety of our kids and abides by the regulations of Plan 2 Protect.  This form is available here:  fall-2016-combined-consent-4hg

• We are have many fabulous committed leaders who want to invest in your kids. Please pray for them!

• We always need more fabulous committed leaders to invest in your kids! Please pray for this and consider if the Lord is calling you or someone you know to work with this ministry.

• Our sole focus is to build disciples of Jesus Christ.

We will continue to communicate to parents regarding events using Evite, Email, and the church’s Facebook page and website. If you or your child has any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Pastor Kevin or Krista Wynne. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin & the 4HG Team

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