ONLINE REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE: Capital Funds Small Group Information Sessions

The opportunity to register online for the Capital Funds Campaign—Small Group Information Meetings from October 2 – 13 is now available!  

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These information sessions will be conducted at Whyte Ridge Baptist Church from 7:00-8:30p.m. in groups of 8 to 20 people.  Please be sure to attend one of the session dates noted below.

Sunday, October 2
Tuesday, October 4
Wednesday, October 5 
Friday, October 7
Tuesday, October 11
Wednesday, October 12
Thursday, October 13
(all times 7:00 – 8:00 pm)

What will be done at these sessions? You will be given a copy of the Campaign “Case Statement” (a document outlining the building project) and a presentation of this project by members of the campaign committee and pastoral staff will be shared. You will have an opportunity for Q&A, discussion and for providing any comments you may have.

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No financial commitment will be asked for at this time. You will be asked to prayerfully consider what God would have you do to financially contribute to the cost of this new ministry facility (a financial pledge will be requested on Commitment Sunday, October 30). Your ongoing prayer engagement for this project will also be requested. If anyone has any further questions, please contact Bob Fast (204-488-4620) or Gary Schellenberg (204-256-1672).

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Worship By The Lake: A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness – A Reflection by Pastor Kevin Klassen

I first came to Whyte Ridge Baptist Church 21 years ago.  Not really because I wanted to.  And certainly not because I was very interested in finding a church home.  I recall that I visited this church reluctantly, coming here together with someone who had other friends who attended here.  And then I basically never left.

WRBC very quickly became my church family and, ever since then, God has used my time at this church to change my life in some very significant ways.  First of all, it is here that I met my beautiful wife (on the worship team, no less).  And it is also here that I have found and enjoyed many life-giving friendships.  And even deeper than that, God has used the teachings, the relationships, the joys, the challenges and the experiences that I have had in the context of this church family to change me on the inside.  He has used my time in this church to mercifully convict me and lovingly shape me, teaching me about His Word, His grace and His sufficiency.

And in recent years, God has granted me the profound joy of serving as a pastor of worship and care – ministering within the very family that has loved me and walked with me throughout almost all of my adult life.  God is so very, very good!

Because of this history, there are plenty of personal stories that I could tell about God’s faithfulness to us and through us as a church family.  And I know that there are many others who could do the same, whether they have attended for a long time or a short time.

And this coming weekend, September 10th and 11th, we are going to be gathering at our church property on McGillivray Boulevard to Celebrate the Faithfulness of God!  It will be a fun weekend of worship, fellowship and prayer – remembering the stories of God’s faithfulness in the past and asking and thanking Him for His continued faithfulness in the future.

We will be especially be remembering the gift and the purpose of the land that God has given us on McGillivray.  In fact, this weekend will serve as a celebratory kickoff to a Capital Funds Campaign that we expect will move us forward toward the construction of a new church building that God will use to continue to faithfully build His kingdom in and through us.

Worship By The Lake:

On Saturday evening at 7 pm, we’ll have an outdoor celebration that will include much praise and prayer as well as stories that celebrate the Lord and His loving kindness.   Following that will be a bonfire and fireworks.  A few of us are also camping there overnight and you’re welcome to join us (and there are portapotties there, in case that’s a deal-breaker).


Sunday morning we’ll continue our celebration with an outdoor worship service at 10 am, followed by a BBQ lunch.


Everyone is welcome!!!  Bring your friends, bring your lawn chairs, bring your mosquito repellent and bring hearts that are ready to worship the Lord.   Prepare your own heart by reflecting upon your own story of how you have seen God’s faithfulness to you and to this church family.  And let us come before Him with thanksgiving and also with anticipation of how He may use this land and building in the discipleship, worship and witness of His church.

For just as we each have personal stories to tell of God’s work in and around us during our time at WRBC, I believe His faithfulness is most greatly reflected in the way that He chooses to include us in the Great Story that He is writing in the building of His Kingdom for His glory.  God is so very, very good!

– Written by Pastor Kevin Klassen, Associate Pastor – Worship and Care


Worship By The Lake

January 2016 General Meeting Report

On Sunday evening, January 31st, we gathered together to review our year-end reports and celebrate what God has done with and through us.  Our Moderator opened the meeting with Lamentations 3:21-22, ”This I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end…”  The meeting was about ‘calling to mind’ what had happened and been achieved over the past year, showing how God had been at work in the lives of our people and acknowledging how we had honoured Him in our love and service.

After the minutes of the November meeting were accepted, we rejoiced in accepting Susan and George Shallcross and Jennifer and Sean Major into membership at WRBC.  Then it was on to the reports from the Senior Pastor, Moderator, Associate Pastors, The Wave, and Children’s Ministries which were presented, discussed and accepted.  Dave Barton, the Chair of Finance, then presented the Financial Report and advised the meeting that the yearend numbers had changed slightly from what was published in the Annual Report in the amount of about $1,500.  Dave led us through the results of our General Fund, Benevolent Fund, Capital Fund and Missions Trip Fund to the result that we had missed meeting our overall disbursements by only $1,847.  Dave then went on to issue a challenge to us as follows:

“That we will continue to meet the requirements of our General Fund (and Missions Trips and Benevolent Funds) as we enter into our Capital Funds Campaign.”

Please note that the corrected financial reports have been updated in the Annual Report 2015 final.

After the Financial Report was accepted, the Church Clerk’s Report was presented showing our present membership at 183 and this was accepted.  (187 with the four additions from this meeting.)

Having looked back and reviewed this past year, we changed our focus to what lies ahead.  David Wynne reviewed our attendance numbers for the past four (4) years and updated the meeting on the Board Retreat from November and how the Board has been looking at our attendance with a view towards growth.  The Board has been looking at many options including replacing the pews with chairs, moving Children’s Ministries to the first service to make more room in the second service, parking at the Dairy Queen and other potential options to open up more room in the second service.  There was excellent participation and discussion from the floor as we considered these options and these questions will be taken out to the rest of our congregation.  Our hope is that our people will share their thoughts and even volunteer to shift their attendance to the first service for the next couple of years to open up space and parking in the second service for new comers.  Throughout this discussion it was wonderful to note the interest, openness and support for new ideas aimed at growing our outreach, worship and service to God.

From the focus on growth, we started to look ahead at what is happening with our plans for building.  The plans have been posted for a few weeks now and the Building Committee has received many questions and good feedback.  The attendees were informed of the importance of asking questions now while changes can be made because once the plans are drawn, it becomes prohibitively expensive to make changes.  The Moderator then updated everyone on Azhar Laldin’s role as Project Manager to draft the plan and steps of each committee and the Board in order to plan the timeline and ensure that each step is successfully completed and the appropriate responsibilities are set and signoffs received.

Finally, we moved to the most important part of the evening – prayer.  The Moderator commented of the different methods available to request prayer and of the encouragement received when emails are received saying “I prayed for you.”  The chairs of the three committees were then called to the front along with the pastoral staff and we prayed over them asking for the Lord’s guidance, directions, strength and blessings while they continue to move us through the building process.  The meeting was then turned over to Tim Hague, The Chair of the Prayer Committee, as he led us through a time of group prayer.  Tim also commended the people on being so open and receptive of the discussion on potential changes to our current services etc.  Tim then closed the prayer time by leading us all in our Guiding Prayer.

The Moderator then asked if there was any business from the floor and, hearing none, entertained a motion to adjourn.

David Wynne


Download: Annual Report 2015 final

Feasibility of Whyte Ridge Baptist building?

by John Wiltshire – Capital Funds Committee Chair

(Editor’s Note: The following represents the essence of John’s presentation to the congregation on Sunday morning, March 15, 2015. For the full presentation — and to experience John’s humor – listen to the podcast now.)

Feasibility StudyI like elephants! For as long as I can a remember I have been fond of them. Why I relate to them so much, though, I just can’t put my finger on it (John says this as he taps his nose.) To prove it, here is a picture of the elephant collection I keep at the office. You know the expression — “There’s an elephant in the room?” Well, there’s an elephant in the room in every one of my meetings at work.

As head of our Capital Funds Committee for our future church building, it is my sincerest hope we expose all of the elephants in the room. That we listen well to each other and make a decision together that is in God’s will. For some of you, the elephant in the room may be that we have been down this road before and decided not to proceed.

Need for transparency

For me, it is all about transparency. As I look at the project and how it was set up by the church board, I see a couple of important ways this transparency is present.

Committee structures all reporting to the church board. Below is our committee. However, there are also many, many people involved across a number of committees, including the Building Committee and the Prayer Committee.

Terry Janke – Pastoral Representative
Tim Hague – Prayer Committee Chair
Lorraine deMonye – Feasibility Study
Gary Shellenberg – Donations
Bob Fast – Financial Liasion
Dave Henkelman – Publicity
George Giesbrecht – Events
Chris Karam – Building Committee Chair

A long process with all kinds of opportunity for communication. With the many people involved, there have been a lot of discussions and opinions expressed. There still are many important discussions to come. We have gutsy entrepreneurs involved in the process. They just want to get on with it all. There are one or two ultra conservative types like me, whose backup plans have back up plans. I will tell you though, that so far at least, there has been a gentle and humble spirit among us.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility StudyThe next step in the process is what we refer to as the “feasibility” period. This is where we somewhat formally gauge the overall interest in our church family in proceeding with our building plans. This process is being managed for us by Phil Yntema from the NAB Foundation. They are pros at this. 

On the weekend of April 30th — May 2nd, they will conduct a series of interviews with a cross section of Whyte Ridge Baptist folks. This is to help us arrive at an estimate of how much we think can be raised in a fundraising effort. They will report their findings to the board. The board will then bring back a recommendation to the congregation in June on whether to proceed with building or not.

Here’s the transparency part. You may or may not be asked to participate. Really, we are doing a sampling. It’s a little like an election poll where they don’t have to ask everyone in the county in order to figure out who will be going into government. Through a sampling of people we hope to project the amount we might raise for the building.

If you are not asked to participate, it doesn’t mean we don’t think you are really important. It also doesn’t mean we don’t need your participation to make the building happen. We absolutely do!

If you would like to be interviewed, we would be thrilled to give you that opportunity. We have saved several spots just for folks like you who want to be part of the study,

You may not want to be interviewed, but are curious about the process and materials being used. If this is you, please contact Lorraine deMonye or me and we will make sure you get that information.

If you have any questions at all on the project, please be sure to ask! Choose the person from the above list of committee members you are most comfortable with and ask them.

Next time I report on where we are at  in our building process, I will express my love for alligators!

Listen to the podcast now.

The story of how God provided the McGillivray property

by David Wynne – Church Moderator

I have been asked to share the story of how Whyte Ridge Baptist acquired the McGillivray property. Many of you, maybe even most of you, do not know the story behind how we acquired the land. I believe God provided the property so we can continue with and grow our present ministry.

Let me share with you the way God provided this amazing gift.

Facilities Planning Committee Formed

In 2002 our church was fairly full (not as full or busy as it is today, but still fairly full.) We put together a Facilities Planning Committee to look at our options. The committee was made up of Ralph Dyck, Milton Kelm, Eric Bergmann, and Al Donald. They conducted a survey very similar to what we did in 2013, and interestingly enough, with many of the same results and conclusions. The major outcome was to find land that would allow us to grow and increase and expand our ministries. The desire was to stay close to this locale because we had built up a very strong presence and relationship within Whyte Ridge.

Search for Land

So the search started. They estimated we would need about 10 acres for a building and to provide all the required parking. There weren’t a lot of options in order to stay close and the cost was going to be fairly high. If you drive out to the corner of Columbia and McGillivray you will see a new Roman Catholic church built on the south-west corner. The Facilities Planning Committee started looking at the land immediately west of there and extending almost all the way to the railway tracks.

God Provided

Original parcel of land considered for purchase

The committee discovered there were 16 different parcels of land owned by 16 different groups or individuals. It became quite the challenge to try and pull these parcels together. Some of the people, including a couple who attended our church, lived in houses on the land. They were reluctant to leave their home of many years. Others were speculating on the land and were willing to sell, but at inflated prices. Some were owned by developers to build homes. They were not that interested in selling to a church. The negotiations were complex, very time consuming and looked like they were going to be quite expensive.

A God Moment

Almost 2 years later, in 2004, Ralph Dyck, Chair of the Facilities Planning Committee, was walking across the package of land. He was trying to decide how they might move forward because things had bogged down. He wasn’t sure they were going to be able to accomplish the task. As he stood there pondering, he was looking across McGillivray at the Lafarge Cement office building. Ralph had a thought, or maybe, guidance from the Lord. He walked across the road, into the office, and asked if the manager was in. It was unusual for the manager to be in because he travelled a lot. This day, however, he had a few moments to talk to Ralph. When Ralph sat down with Ken Ross, he asked if perhaps Lafarge was thinking of selling any of their property. Ken was surprised and asked Ralph how he knew they were considering selling off some land. Ralph replied, “Because you just told me!

A new relationship was started. Notice I didn’t say negotiations. Ralph cultivated a friendship with Ken. They started looking at how things could be worked out. Not everything was straightforward. Lafarge employees had started the FortWhyte Alive Centre, now called Fort Whyte Alive. Lafarge still had an attachment to Fort Whyte and wanted to protect the Centre from anyone who would be on adjacent property. The negotiations were three way – Lafarge, ourselves, and making sure Fort Whyte Centre was happy with the terms of sale. This led us to another relationship wherein we agreed not to build a multilevel building that would detract from their nature setting. It also involved putting into the registration of the property that it could only be used for church use. That was our suggestion, not theirs. It was aimed at continuing to build the relationship.

God Provided

As the negotiations were close to being finalized, Ken received a call from his head office. They wanted the new Lafarge office to be located on McGillivray. That meant an end to the sale of the property. However, as the team sat with Ken to discuss this latest development, Ken was called away to the phone. The head office had changed their mind and the sale could proceed. Was this God’s will intervening once again?

How God Provided

Parcel of land purchased from Lafarge

Lafarge agreed to sell us the land for around $52,500 per acre – well below the going market rate. Then, as we went through all the checks and balances on transferring the property, it was discovered there were a large number of kiln bricks from old ovens spread over the property. Lafarge immediately took responsibility. They brought in crews, at a fairly significant expense, to clean up and remove the bricks before the sale was finalized. When the sale was finally settled, we were hit with another ugly surprise. The City of Winnipeg required a development tax on the transfer of title in the amount of $164,000. This was not something we had foreseen and was quite a shock. But our friends at Lafarge stepped forward once again. They contributed $75,000 towards the tax bill and the sale went through.

There were many other little things that happened but I’ve tried to give you the highlights of what transpired. Through all this, as one thing after another fell into place, I saw the Lord’s hand in it. He directed the Facilities Planning Committee. He seemed to work on the hearts and minds of those we dealt with in pulling everything together. This is why I believe God gave us this land and that we need to use it to His honour and glory.

An addendum to this story is that the “church use only” designation is the main reason for our tax adjustment to reduce our taxes.

Land is Purchased

Overall, we purchased 14 acres of land. However, the first 100 feet of property off of McGillivray Blvd. cannot be used by us. The City of Winnipeg has a variance on it for the twinning of McGillivray at some time in the future. This will reduce the usable portion of the land by 2.3 acres. We will have 11.7 acres for development.

Cost of the Land

Property$ 710,000.00
GST$ 49,700.00
GST Refund$ (24,850.00)

Sub Total

$ 734,850.00
City Development Fee$ 164,430.00
GST$ 11,510.10
GST Refund$ (5,755.05)

Sub Total

$ 170,185.05


$ 905,035.05
Lafarge Donation $ (75,000.00)


   $ 830,035.05
Cost per acre$ 59,288.22

 Through the generosity and faith of our people, the land was paid off within two years.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.  — Ephesians 3:20–21, NIV

For a history of Whyte Ridge Baptist Church, go here.

For a graphical representation of White Ridge Baptist’s history, check out our Timeline.

Building Project Preliminary Drawings Evaluated

On Tuesday evening, January 27, 2015, members of Whyte Ridge Baptist’s Board, the Building Committee, members of the staff, and representatives from the Capital Funds & Prayer Committees met to evaluate the preliminary drawings for the proposed new building. The ultimate goal of the meeting was to discern God’s leading concerning the direction and design of the building.

The meeting began with participants gathering in a circle to spend an extended time in prayer. Building Committee Chair, Chris Karam, then very effectively guided the evaluation and discussion of the drawings.

The overall design and concept of the building was discussed first. After agreement on the overall design, participants then examined the drawings in greater details.

Five Main Areas

The drawings were broken down into five main areas: foyer, worship, children/student ministries, fellowship, and office/administration spaces. The bulk of the discussion revolved around these five spaces. The discussion was open, honest, and free flowing.

A number of requests for change to the drawings were agreed on. Some of the changes involved something as minor as the location of a door. Others were of a more significant nature, such as adjusting the size and layout of a particular ministry area. At this point in time, the drawings are approximately 70% complete.

Filters Used in Discussion

Two filters influenced and guided the evaluation throughout the three and one half hour meeting:

  • The vision of Whyte Ridge Baptist to Nurture Followers of Jesus Christ through Healthy Relationships.
  • The Ministry Needs Assessment completed several years ago.

Whatever design and plan is adopted, it must be true to Whyte Ridge Baptist’s vision and enable us to be more effective in ministry.

Next Step

The next step in the process is to send the drawings back to the architect to try and incorporate the changes requested into his design. Once completed, this design will be included with the case statement* the Capital Funds Committee presents to the congregation.

Please continue to be in prayer for our building program. Through prayer comes direction, clarity and unity.

* Case Statement: The case statement is the core document of any capital fundraising campaign. It clearly explains the need for the money and what the benefits will be if the campaign is successful.

How to Pray for Our Building Program

How does one go about praying for a building program?

On Sunday, October 19, at our Town Hall Meeting, the decision was made to hire the services of architect Ray Wan. This was the first official step towards constructing a new church building on our McGillivray property. Many more decisions will need to be made along the way to complete the project. This is why, from the very beginning, we have stated prayer must be a central component of the project.

Prayer for our building programOver the next year, the Prayer Committee is calling the people of Whyte Ridge Baptist to join them in prayer. On the website, in the Sunday bulletin and newsletter, you will see this graphic displayed. The committee hopes it will serve to remind you to pray regularly for our building program.

The following list is provided to aid you in your praying:

Pray for our Prayer Committee

  • Wisdom for the team members.
  • To continue to lead our church by example.
  • To know how to foster and lead a church wide prayer movement.

Pray for our Capital Funds Committee

  • Wisdom for the team members.
  • To effectively conduct the feasibility study.
  • For the feasibility study to clearly reflect the capabilities of our congregation.
  • To present the financial needs of the project in a clear manner.
  • That we would all be faithful financial stewards as we consider our contribution to the project.

Pray for our Building Committee

  • Wisdom for the team members.
  • That the City of Winnipeg will purchase the 100 foot strip at the front of McGillivray property now, rather than later — the city will use this for the twinning of McGillivray.
  • For Ray Wan and his team to design a building that will help us more effectively minister in our community.
  • For a project manager who sees this project as more than just a job.
  • For the right engineer to ensure the building is safe and meets all building codes.
  • For financial discernment in making decisions about the different aspects of building.

Pray for our Pastors and Leaders

  • Wisdom to be bold and effective in their leadership over the next couple of years.
  • To clearly present the vision for the building program – greater effectiveness in ministry.
  • For a church moderator for 2016 — to ensure a smooth transition in this key leadership position.
  • For protection from spiritual attack and discouragement.

Pray for our Church’s Ministries & People

  • For all children, youth, and adults to be drawn into a deeper relationship with God as result of the project.
  • To become more like Christ (disciples) in and through this journey together.
  • For continuing faithful service by our people in and through our church each week.
  • To corporately and individually be faithful in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in all we do.

Town Hall Meeting Update

Meeting Updateby David Wynne – Moderator

The meeting was held Sunday evening to share information from the Prayer, Capital Funds and Building Committees and to allow the congregation to ask questions about the building process.

Vision and Purpose

Pastor Terry opened the meeting with a devotional talking about Jacob wrestling with the angel. He compared it to our wrestling with God through prayer to determine His will in how we should proceed with building. We have glorified God for over 25 years in our current building and he reminded us our focus is ministry.

Prayer Committee

Marilyn Parker then shared about all the issues and people the Prayer Committee was praying for. She invited people to join with the committee or pray separately to ensure the whole building process would be bathed in prayer. She reminded everyone to focus on Ephesians 4:2-3 to ensure unity and grace throughout this challenging time.

Following Marilyn’s sharing, we spent time in prayer. Various individuals present led out in prayer for wisdom and direction for the decision to be made.

Capital Funds Committee

John Wiltshire, the Chair of the Capital Funds Committee then shared that the Committee has been working on a case statement. A case statement defines the project and helps us to stay focused on serving God. The Committee’s work will really start in 2015 with the planning and running of the feasibility study. This will then be followed by a capital funds campaign late in the year. John stated the construction would probably start in 2016 when the ground thawed (July!!!).

Building Committee

Chris Karam, the Chair of the Building Committee opened his presentation with thanks to all the various people who have served on the Committee and a brief explanation of what they have contributed. He advised they will be proceeding with an environmental assessment of the land as this will have to be done at some point anyway.

Chris explained how they had surveyed all areas of ministry to determine the space requirements and to arrive at their estimate of 45,000 square feet for the building. This will be reviewed again once the drawings are completed.

He explained the process used to select the architect. This involved sending out an expression of interest letter to 86 architectural firms in Winnipeg and receiving 18 responses. They then narrowed the search process down to 4 and finally selected Raymond SC Wan Architects as the recommended architect. Chris shared pictures of buildings designed by Ray Wan and gave a history of his work and accomplishments. Finally, he shared the potential cost of the contract with Ray, how it would be broken down, and when payment would fall due.

Ray is one only a few architects that has built a strong enough relationship with the City of Winnipeg to be able to get his plans approved in less than 2 months when the normal process takes 8 to 9 months. He provides all the preliminary drawings up front with payment only coming when construction starts.

Questions & Answers

When the presentations were completed, we dealt with questions submitted via the website as well as questions from the floor. Ample time was given to those in attendance to absorb the information and seek any additional information they wanted.

A Decision is Made

When the questions stopped, David Wynne convened a general meeting by confirming a quorum was present. The question of hiring Ray Wan put before the people. The motion was carried with none opposed.

This is the first official step in our move to build a new church. While we have confirmed this direction, it does not commit us to carrying it to completion. We still have many questions to answer and decisions to make regarding funding before we will be fully committed to this process. The leadership will not put our congregation into a position that creates undue hardship on our church.


Any questions you may Have about the Town Hall Meeting or the building process in general can be sent to here. All leadership involved in Whyte Ridge Baptist’s building process will receive your email.

Power Point Presentation

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall

A town hall meeting is pretty much what it sounds like. People of a community come together to discuss issues of common concern and express their preferences about those issues. The main purpose of a town hall meeting is to provide information about the key issues and collect feedback. 

Submit a question for the Town Hall Meeting

Whyte Ridge Baptist will be holding a town hall meeting on October 19 at 6:30 pm. At this meeting WRBC people will be brought up to date on what is happening with our proposed building plans.

Committee Presentations

The three committee chairs will give up to date reports about the progress made in their particular area. The three committees are:

Pastor Terry, along with these men will be on stage together and available to listen to your opinions and answer your questions. David Wynne, our Board Chair will moderate the meeting.

Not a Business Meeting – However…

This is not a Church Business Meeting! However, one item of business will be presented for a decision. The Board has accepted the Building Committee’s recommendation to choose Raymond Wan as the Architect to design a new church building. The “business” part of the town hall meeting will be to vote on the acceptance of the architect because there is a cost attached to signing him.

Our town hall meeting will in essence be the first “official” vote of the congregation on building a new church. Up to this point, we have not had enough information to propose a vote on building a new church. With our time together on Sunday, October 19, this will change.

Mark Your Calendar

This is an important meeting in the life of Whyte Ridge Baptist. It will be a time for hearing valuable information. Opportunity will be given to ask questions and express opinions. It will also be a time to make a first key decision about constructing a new church building.

You are encouraged to make this town hall meeting a priority on your calendar. We need your input, ideas, wisdom, and discernment.

Please Pray

Most of all, your prayers are needed in advance of and preparation for the town hall meeting. Please pray for:

  • the committee chairs as they prepare their reports.
  • a spirit of community and grace as we meet and discuss the future.
  • wisdom to know with clarity what God desires of us as we further explore constructing a new church building.

Initial Steps Taken

WRBC Building Committeeby Chris Karam – Building Committee Chair

Whyte Ridge Baptist Building Committee met this past Wednesday, July 9th , to take some initial steps in the process of securing architectural plans.

Final Four Architects Chosen

The Building Committee has reviewed all submissions from architects that showed an interest in our project. We have chosen 4 firms that will be invited to present to the committee during the week of September 15th. From there, we will be prayerfully considering which firm will be awarded the job. Each of these companies demonstrated that they have the creativity, willingness, and ability to take on a project of this size.  

Building Tours

In the coming months, while the architects are preparing for their presentations, the Building Committee will be touring churches that have recently been built or expanded, to see what is new and different in church designs. We will also visit relevant buildings designed by the architects chosen, to give us an idea of the style, feel, and functionality of their buildings.

As we go through the next few months and especially for the week of September 15th, we would ask that you pray for wisdom and discernment, as we go through the process of deciding which architect the Lord will lead us to choose.

Moderator’s Report

Moderators Report Header

by David Wynne – WRBC Moderator

Building Update

Moderators Report PhotoLast Saturday, June 28th, 16 individuals from the Building, Prayer, and Capital Funds Committees, together with the pastors and representatives of the Board, met at Fort Whyte Alive Center. The purpose was to refocus our attention on our building process and to strengthen the communications and reporting structure. It was a very good meeting. Many points were raised but it was a strong, collaborative, and supportive meeting. 

We agreed that communication has to be improved – both among the committees as well as to you, our congregation. We are currently setting up a regular reporting process of the committees to the Board. While they make their reports to the Board, they will also be hearing each other and understand what each committee is doing and have the opportunity to express concerns and/or ask for further information or assistance. We are also looking to put a communications person in place to help the Committees not only make regular reports to you but also make sure that we are giving you good content on what is happening.

Generally speaking, where we are at currently, is an expectation of starting building, shovel in the ground, in spring of 2016. One of the points made very succinctly was that spring means when the frost comes out of the ground. In Winnipeg this could mean July. Just for your information, the Catholic Church being built on Columbia was built during the winter. The extra cost to heat the building during the winter was around $184,000. However, you can also counter that there is reduced cost of labour in the winter because of reduced construction happening. The Building Committee will look at all these options. One of the main reasons for starting in 2016 is because it will take us from 6 months to a year to get our plans through the seven or so layers of City approval with the subsequent required modifications to our drawings. This can’t happen until we have drawings and layouts completed.

WRBC Building CommitteeThe Building Committee put out an expression of interest to 82 local architects. They received replies from 18 who were interested in our project. The Committee will continue to evaluate the responses to define who will be chosen to develop our plans. This should be done by this fall. The Committee continues to move ahead but is also feeling the loss of Bill deMonyé. Bill’s experience with 3 other church building projects prior to ours and his engineering experience was invaluable.

The Capital Funds Committee is currently in a waiting position. They are working on the Case Statement of the project.The majority of their work will happen in the 6 to 8 months just prior to building. Our Saturday meeting was very important to them as they really wanted to capture the vision of what God wants to accomplish through the building. We affirmed that the “building” is a means towards an end! It is to enable and equip us and others to be the people God wants us to be, to follow His command to “Go and make Disciples”. Capital Funds will try to make this a compelling statement as we make our case for building on McGillivray.

Prayer Ministry LogoThe Prayer Committee has also felt the lack of communication. Notwithstanding, they have been bathing us with their prayers well beyond just the building process. Our strengthened reporting and communication process should help them to not only pray but also keep you up to date on where your prayers are needed.

As part of this, Dave Henkelman, who looks after our website and information, has agreed to become our communications person. He will help make sure we are getting information from each committee and putting it out to you.

Overall, we talked about our vision and the issues holding us back. We discussed how to resolve them, the required interaction of the three committees, and the way ahead. And we prayed. Because, in the end, this is all about following God’s will.

Please keep the three committees, the pastoral staff, and the Board in your prayers. We have a lot to do with just the ongoing operation of our Church. The building process adds a significant layer of additional things that need to be done. However, this is God’s work and we trust He will give us the direction and strength to continue on and honour Him in what is accomplished.

Space Requirements & Architects

Space Requirements 2014

by Karen Dyck

Space Requirements

Since our last Update, the Building Committee has been reviewing and compiling space requirements based on information received from the WRBC ministry team leads into a draft report. The Space Requirements report will be reviewed with the leadership this month. 

Architects Expressions of Interest

The Building Committee sent out a request for Expressions of Interest to Manitoba architects in May. We have received Expressions of Interest from a number of architects and over the summer months, we will be meeting with and evaluating interested architects to select those that are a good fit for our project. 

As we delve deeper into the detailed planning for this project, we continue to seek our Church family’s prayer support.

Building Committee Update #3

by Karen Dyck, Communications Coordinator

The Committee has adopted the following verse as an inspirational guide: “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.” Psalm 127:1

WRBC Building CommitteeLast March 13, 2014 the Building Committee posted an announcement on the Board of Church Governance’s (BoCG) approval (February 18, 2014) of its three pivotal documents, providing a brief summary of the documents. At the Congregational Meeting of April 13, 2014 the Building Committee made a presentation that included reference to these documents. While these documents are available to anyone upon request, we are now providing a more detailed summary.

These documents are important in that they frame how the Building Committee is organized, provide details on the scope of the project and how information will be communicated throughout the project. 

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference sets out the framework for the Committee’s work, and how it fits within the larger structure of WRBC. The BoCG provided the mandate to the Building Committee as follows:

To develop and implement a building plan that will:

  • Enable the ministry needs identified by the Ministry Needs Assessment  and be aligned with our core values;
  • Be in adherence with restrictions on the McGillivray property;
  • Be fiscally responsible;
  • Meet all conditions of the sale of the McGillivray Blvd property and city regulations;
  • Initiate and maintain relationships with Fort Whyte Alive.

The Terms of Reference identify how the Building Committee is structured and functions through the positions of Chair, Secretary, Financial Officer and Communications Coordinator. The full membership consists of a Core Committee that provides overall project coordination and a Support Committee that provides technical input. 

The Building Committee is a committee of the BoCG and has been given the authority to carry out the planning and construction phases and to submit recommendations to the BoCG for decisions. The Building Committee will not have responsibility to seek congregational approval for the project, as this rests with the BoCG.

The project will be carried out using “Project Management” framework as a means to achieve the identified mandate and goals within the constraints of scope, time, quality and budget. The Building Committee is accountable to the BoCG and is also accountable to the congregation and other key stakeholders.

Finally, reference is made to how the Building Committee operates in coordination and communication with the Prayer Committee and the Capital Fund Committee. The Capital Fund Committee determines the timeframe for project delivery of the building and the amount of funds available. 

Project Charter

The Project Charter outlines the scope of the work of the Building Committee. The Charter also sets out the limitations and timeframes the Committee must work within.

The Project Charter refers to the vision and the five core values of WRBC as well as project specific vision statements that will guide the Building Committee in the planning and design phases. In order to support this vision, the building project will deliver a multi-purpose facility that will:

  • Be a house of worship for Christians/followers of Jesus Christ in the Southwest corner of Winnipeg; 
  • Be used for providing equipping opportunities for congregants of WRBC as well as other believers from other churches;
  • Be a tool/instrument for growing WRBC’s ministry, for the expansion of God’s Kingdom on this earth;
  • Reaching families in Whyte Ridge and surrounding communities by presenting and modelling the relevance of Jesus Christ;
  • Be potentially available to other churches, para-church ministries and community groups, subject to WRBC approval.

The overarching objective of this project is to deliver a complete, fully functional, multi-purpose church facility, that will enable WRBC to carry out the ministry and the mission that God has for her. Success criteria for this project include the following:

The new facility should:

  • Allow WRBC’s current congregation to meet and worship in one service, plus allow for room for reasonable expansion;
  • Meet all ‘agreed-upon’ requirements identified by key stakeholder(s) – i.e.   WRBC’s congregation represented by the Leadership;
  • Meet all ‘agreed-upon’ environmental requirements identified by secondary stakeholders (e.g. Fort Whyte Alive Foundation, City of Winnipeg, Lafarge Canada Inc.);
  • Be completed within the approved project schedule and budget;
  • Diligence must be exercised to ensure project scope, budget and schedule are properly controlled.

The project Charter also: 

  • sets out the scope of the project; 
  • references project assumptions and constraints; 
  • identifies some high level risks to the project; and 
  • identifies all the internal and external stakeholders involved in the project.

Finally the Project Charter sets out the key milestones and known dates for the planning and construction phases of the project (subject to the progress of the Capital Fund Committee).

Communication Management Plan 

The Communication Management Plan (CMP) has been written to ensure the Building Committee’s work is open and transparent to the congregation and church leadership.

The main objectives of the CMP are to:

  • Educate stakeholders on the overall vision of the building project as developed by WRBC leadership, so as to ensure a complete understanding of why this ministry project is required;
  • Familiarize all stakeholders of the ongoing status and specifics of each phase of the project so that applicable project milestone approvals can be made on an informed basis;
  • Provide adequate information of this project so that all stakeholders can determine their level of involvement and support of this ministry initiative.

The Communication Management Plan also identifies some key commitments that include:

  • Providing timely information to stakeholders in various forms and forums so that informed decisions can be made;
  • Ensuring that internal stakeholders have opportunities to provide input into the Planning stage of the project, and to approve the final design and cost of the project;
  • Ensure that any unplanned risks or benefits are communicated to the stakeholders;
  • Ensuring that the Building Committee continues to undertake its mandate in an open and transparent manner. 

The CMP identifies the types of communication materials and forums for communication.

The Building Committee hopes that this outline of these three foundational documents, provides a more comprehensive understanding of the Building Committee’s mandate, scope, structure, accountability and commitment to provide timely communication to the congregation on aspects of this project.

Building Committee Update #2

Future - Capital Fundaby Paul Conrad

The Board of Church Governance has approved a series of documents developed by the Building Committee. These documents form a foundation for the Committee’s work.

The Terms of Reference set out the framework for the Committee’s work, and how it fits within the larger structure of WRBC.

The Project Charter provides the Building Committee with a clear path forward. It outlines the scope of the work of the Building Committee. The Charter also sets out the limitations and timeframes the Committee must work within.

The intent of the Communications Plan is to ensure the Building Committee’s work is open and transparent to the congregation and church leadership.

A copy of any of these three documents is available from Building Committee Chair Paul Conrad or Moderator David Wynne. Contact Paul or David through the church office.