LifeGroupA LifeGroup is a place where participants share a common desire to journey towards Christ-likeness together.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have the wonderful promise that, as our lives are given and submitted to Him, the Holy Spirit will continually transform us into the image of Christ until the day we see Him face to face. Our greatest calling is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul mind and strength and to love our neighbours as ourselves… and we are told to do that together.

With that in mind, LifeGroups are based on existing and/or developing friendships – they are relationally focused, not information or task driven. LifeGroups are dynamic, and two main factors will impact their makeup:

1. Depth of Sharing – When friendships are new, it’s reasonable to expect that the level of sharing and praying for one another will be less than once the friendships have been better established or matured. a LifeGroup consisting of new friends may decide to spend more of their time learning together, but their primary focus still remains on the development of Christ-honoring friendships.

2. Desired Size of Group – There is no correct size for a LifeGroup. It may be a group of 8-12 people who are learning to journey towards Christ together or a more intimate group of 3-4 people set on intentionally discipling one another. Once a LifeGroup is formed, it is given shape by the use of a seasonal covenant. At the beginning of every season (fall, winter and spring), LifeGroups will meet to renew or establish their covenant with one another. It is the creation of this covenant which gives shape to the time that they commit to spending with each other. In short, a LifeGroup is…

group of people who share a common desire to journey towards Christ-likeness together.

They are based on existing and/or developing friendships and are shaped by the use of seasonal covenants.

What happens when a LifeGroup meets?

Scripture StudyWith relationally-based discipleship as our goal, there is a lot of freedom in how we use our time together. Whether our time be spent in studying Scripture together, sharing together, praying together or serving together – the key word is together in Christ-honoring friendships. As a church, we are committed to expository preaching that is based on working through books of the Bible. We provide sermon-based studies that focus primarily on deepening our understanding of the Scripture passage the message is based on. We encourage LifeGroups to make this their main source of study together.

Should I be in a LifeGroup?

Some questions to ask:

1. Do I feel motivated to mature in my relationship with God and others?

2. Am I at a place where I desire to make new friendships or deepen existing ones?

3. Am I willing to make a commitment to a seasonal covenant that will help us reach our goals?

How would I become involved in a LifeGroup?

For more information please contact Pastor Doug Friesen by phone: 204-489-3875 ext. 25 or email.


Family Meal and Equipping Seminar

Acting Justly and Loving Mercy: Walking Humbly Together with Our God
Date: Sunday, March 4
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: WRBC Basement
Cost: $5/person; $10/family
Free Child care for those 10 and under.
Contact: Pastor Doug (204-997-6659)
Registration Deadline: Thurs, March 1

Register here.

Growing in Grace Lunch—Thursday, February 8; 12:00pm

Family Feud! We are going to have another few rounds of this great game. We will be savouring some great homemade soup and grilled cheese sandwiches as well. See you there! Register here.

Seasonal LifeGroups: The Experience - A 12 week church-wide adventure

Beginning on January 21 you are invited to join a Seasonal Life Group (meeting weekly  or bi-weekly) where you can develop friendships while discussing the personal impact of reading through the devotion, The Experience. If you would like to join a seasonal life group contact Pastor Doug (204-997-6659).


Adult Bible Study: Living Generously

Adult Bible Study—Living Generously

January 18-April 19 (1st & 3rd Thursday of the month); 10:00-11:30am

Registration not required.Contact: Pastor Doug (997-6659)

Study the book of Nehemiah - a Sunday morning elective.

Study of Nehemiah – God Restores His People through a Building Project
(A Biblical Framework for Leadership Characteristics and Ministry Fulfillment)

Nehemiah held a special role in the history of the Jewish people… Gods chosen ones. As with other biblical characters, the book of Nehemiah is a story of how God used a seemingly ordinary individual and his decisions and actions to determine the future of the children of Abraham.
This narrative reflects amazing stories about the faithfulness and grace of God. It also teaches many useful principals to model how to lead a group of people onto God’s agenda.
In the five sessions we have together, we will examine how God speaks to us to reveal His will and discover how God used Nehemiah to restore His glory in His holy city after an extended time of exile and ruin. By rebuilding a wall, the power and glory of the God of Israel is revealed, …. the people are moved to repent…. And a spiritual revival occurs.
Understanding the story of the children of Israel in the time of Nehemiah can help inform us as to how God works in and through His people. Our WRBC journey to building a new facility for ministry has numerous parallels….
Come join Dave Barton and Bob Fast as we explore this intriguing narrative and see what lessons you can learn for yourself and for our church.

Dates: Jan 21 – Feb 25 (no session Feb 4)
Time: 9:00 am to 10:15 am
Location: lower level of WRBC
Pre-reading: Ezra & Nehemiah

Right Now Media Online Church Resource Centre

This new online service contains hundreds of family-friendly videos, as well as a large collection of Bible Studies and resources, as part of our growing Online Church Resource Centre. Consider it the Netflix of Christian videos and resources!  

Click here to request your FREE membership today!


We are planning to have an outdoor baptism in the near future.  If you would like to be baptized please contact the church office.

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