Remembering India 2010

In 2009 WRBC decided to plan a pilot project to bring a team on a short term outreach assignment. As a Church, they moved forward step by step as God provided opportunities which resulted in a partnership with Far Corners Ministry to go to India. In early 2010, a team was put in place, and the Church was mobilized.

This would not just be a missions trip for the people to traveled to India – it was a mission project that the entire  Church participated in, on many levels. An intentional decision was made to organize two teams. Team Canada would participate in all the training and preparations, alongside of Team India. Team India would be the group that actually would go on the road to India in November 2010.

This video (together with a book available in our church library) is a documentation of that experience. The hope is that this story will inspire further conversation about how we as a Church will continue to participate in global outreach for Christ.

The Whyte Ridge story is being written.

Team India

Doug Friesen (Team Leader), John Bergmann, Bruce Brown, Shelly Cumming, Lindsay Hiller, Grant Hoeppner, Pratima Manuel, Raj Manuel, Tony Naim, Renuka Raviraj, Julia Sawatsky, Michelle Schmidt, Heather Warkentin.

Team Canada

Erika Cooper, Astrida Hoeppner, Pat Janke, Kevin Klassen, Dan Penner, Yvonne Reimer.

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