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All volunteers working with our children must be certified through our Plan to Protect process which begins by completing a Volunteer Application Form. For more information about serving in Children’s Ministry please contact Grace Elke – email or (204) 489-3875 ext. 27.

Serve Opportunities

  • Nursery care giver – provide loving care to children in a safe environment.
  • Teacher/Workshop leader  – teach God’s Word providing children with faith building experiences in order to build strong biblical foundations for their walk with Christ.
  • Shepherd – small group leader who gets to know the kids on a more personal level in order to provide continuity and a warm sense of community as well as guide their spiritual formation through Bible Memory, prayer, and missions. 
  • Worship Leader – Teach what it means to worship and give leadership to large group worship times.
  • Security Greeters – greet children and parents as they arrive, oversee weekly sign-in, assist newcomers as needed, and assure the security of the children’s area.
  • Resource coordinators – prepare the resources needed each week for all levels.
  • Leadership team member – oversee an area of children’s ministry and as a team provide the overall vision and goals for the ministry.

Summer Serve Opportunities

These opportunities are specific to Whyte Ridge Baptist’s Day Camps during the summer. Serving in all positions, other than Crew Leader, can be for all 5 days of the camp or a portion thereof (half day, 1 day, 2 days, etc.).

  • Crew Leader – serve all 5  days as you give leadership to a group of 8 to 10 children, guiding them through their day and building relationships with them
  • Security greeters – greet children and parents as they arrive and assure the security of the children’s area.
  • Bible Lesson Teacher – teach God’s word so children are able to grasp and understand God’s love for them.
  • Worship Leader – give leadership to large group worship times.
  • Active Games Coordinator – organize and oversee the games children will play each day.
  • Craft Coordinator – organize and oversee the craft projects children will do each day.
  • Snack Coordinator – organize and ensure healthy snacks are served each day.
  • Crew Leader Helpers – assist crew leaders in working with a group of 8 to 10 children.
  • Activity Station Leaders – help children participate in an activity in a fun and instructional way.

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To indicate your desire to serve in any of the above opportunities, please contact Grace Elke.

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