Sovereign God

The song Sovereign God is part of a Worship CD compilation – To Bring You Glory, written by Kevin Klassen and performed by various gifted members of Whyte Ridge Baptist. This video was inspired by all the hard work that went into it. May it bring honour to God!

If you like this song and would like a copy of the CD, please contact Whyte Ridge Baptist. We would love to send one your way!

“When we consider that everything on earth exists for the purpose of bringing honour to the Name of our great God, and that in fact our very lives are meant for the worship of God, then everything falls into perspective. I wrote the first three verses of this song during a challenging time in the life of my church. It was important for me to be reminded that, no matter what we experience, the God-given purpose of life has not changed, and most of all, God never ever changes. He is always to be loved with all of our heart and all of mind and all of our strength. The last verse was written for a church covenant celebration service led by Pastor Alf Bell in early 2009.”  – Kevin Klassen

 Video by Girish Manuel

Sovereign God – written by Kevin Klassen
From the album: “To Bring You Glory: “Songs of Worship from Whyte Ridge Baptist Church”

Vocals: Kevin Klassen, Lindsay Hiller;
Electric Guitar: Matt Janzen;
Piano: Andrea Streuber;
Acoustic Guitar: Kevin Klassen;
Bass: Girish Manuel;
Drums: Joey Siemens