Study the book of Nehemiah – a Sunday morning elective.

Study of Nehemiah – God Restores His People through a Building Project
(A Biblical Framework for Leadership Characteristics and Ministry Fulfillment)

Nehemiah held a special role in the history of the Jewish people… Gods chosen ones. As with other biblical characters, the book of Nehemiah is a story of how God used a seemingly ordinary individual and his decisions and actions to determine the future of the children of Abraham.
This narrative reflects amazing stories about the faithfulness and grace of God. It also teaches many useful principals to model how to lead a group of people onto God’s agenda.
In the five sessions we have together, we will examine how God speaks to us to reveal His will and discover how God used Nehemiah to restore His glory in His holy city after an extended time of exile and ruin. By rebuilding a wall, the power and glory of the God of Israel is revealed, …. the people are moved to repent…. And a spiritual revival occurs.
Understanding the story of the children of Israel in the time of Nehemiah can help inform us as to how God works in and through His people. Our WRBC journey to building a new facility for ministry has numerous parallels….
Come join Dave Barton and Bob Fast as we explore this intriguing narrative and see what lessons you can learn for yourself and for our church.

Dates: Jan 21 – Feb 25 (no session Feb 4)
Time: 9:00 am to 10:15 am
Location: lower level of WRBC
Pre-reading: Ezra & Nehemiah

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