Parent Resource: April 2017 Parenting Christian Kids Now Available Online!

The April 2017 edition of ‘Parenting Christian Kids’ is now available to view and download online!

Download the PDF file .

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Ladies 4 x4 Fellowship Group


Are you interested in getting to know other ladies in the congregation in a fun, relaxed, social atmosphere?
4X4 LADIES FELLOWSHIP GROUPS are all about connecting with others, building relationships and enabling spiritual growth.

Each group of 4 people who are formed by picking out of a hat, will meet once a month for 4 months starting in March. In your group you will take turns planning an activity with your group each month. Activities can be as simple as a potluck, painting class, or teaching your group a craft. Or you can volunteer at a food bank. Savour the richness of God’s blessing in a 4X4 fellowship group. Learn together, grow together and experience God together.

Sign up sheets are at the Welcome Centre until March 5th. Launch date is Thursday March 9th from 7-8 pm.

Building Committee Prayer Update – February 6, 2017

As you know, the Building Committee has been working diligently to find a resolution for retention pond / drainage into Lake Muir.

We are reaching out to LaFarge and Fort Whyte Alive to seek an audience with them, with hopes of a favourable resolution to the drainage issue. We are asking you to lift this matter in prayer before the Lord. We are praying that the decision makers at both LaFarge and Fort Whyte will be open to receiving the various supporting documents that we have provided them, that they will be open to working with us, and that they will decide to allow drainage into Lake Muir.

We thank you for your continued prayers as you uphold this particular matter before the Lord.”

Thank you,

Azhar Laldin

WRBC Board of Church Governance Chair

Special Offering Reminder – Sunday, December 18, 2016

This Sunday, December 18, we will have a special offering to raise school funds for our 13 children in India ($3,000 total). Money received beyond $3000 will assist youth from Garden Hill (Pathway Camp Ministries) attending Youth Quake in February.

Please prayerfully consider how you can participate in our special offering to show love to these children.

Thank you.

Parent Resource: December 2016 Parenting Christian Kids Now Available Online!

The December 2016 edition of ‘Parenting Christian Kids’ is now available to view and download online!

Download the PDF file .

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December 4, 2016



Team India Update – November 21, 2016

Greetings to our church family;

We have completed the first two parts of what I call the trilogy of our mission. Part one was the conference in Siliguri which went very well. We stayed at a Christian conference centre along with the participants. For three days (Monday – Wednesday) we taught, fellowshipped, and worshipped together. We made some good friends and felt very privileged and blessed. Each of us from the team taught three sessions (one per day) of 50 minutes of content… with translation they were 90 minutes!

We felt well received and in turn learned a lot from these pastors, leaders, and women.

Part two was a time of learning more about the various ministries and projects that Far Corners Ministries has been in partnership with a local foundation led by Shakti…… it was so interesting to learn how they are making such a difference in some local villages with providing training and employment opportunities for people that are so poor and in need of help. They are doing an amazing job helping people fish rather than just giving them fish! We saw a weaving operation in process where women are given employment weaving special scarves and carpets. We saw a poultry operation where they are buying and feeding out chicks for broilers. They are also In the process purchasing sewing machines so women can be taught to be tailors… to sew their own clothing and for others also. There is a small school for young children and a few other initiatives.

A couple of us did some training with a great group of young adults that meet 2 Saturdays per month to be disciples and trained for ministry. We enjoyed and participated in a wonderful worship service on Sunday morning and then the women had a meaningful time of sharing with the women after the service. It is so inspiring to see what God is doing through the work done here in north east West Bengal.

We have also been so impressed with the emphasis on leadership training and especially discipling young men and women for future pastors. They believe if they train up 100 young people, 10 will become pastors.

We have grown to love our translators… especially Biplab, a pastor from Siliguri who has been travelling with us along with Shakti. Their hearts are so full for reaching the lost people of West Bengal. They say there are .06 Christians in the 100,000,000 population of Bengalese. Shiny, who has done much of the women’s translating, does a wonderful job connecting with the women and provides inspirational commentary at the end of each session.

Our challenges are mostly around food. We also find the pace a bit gruelling. We are busy with very little time on our own to recharge. The “Indian stretch time” means we spend a lot of time waiting… this feels quite unproductive to us North Americans!

Please continue to pray for us as we move into the last two days of our second conference as well as for our health and strength to finish well.

Thanks so much… knowing you are praying is very encouraging!

On behalf of Team India 2016,
Bob & Dale Fast












Family Christmas Dinner – Saturday, December 3; at 5:30 pm

On December 3; 5:30 p.m., we will be holding a special Family Christmas Dinner at WRBC.  Everyone is invited to attend a festive celebration that will include a delicious pulled turkey dinner from Danny’s Whole Hog and a Variety Night of music and entertainment from our own church folk.

If you would like to attend, please sign up in the church foyer on Sunday morning.  Cost is $15.00 per adult, $7.00 for ages 5-12 years, and kids ages 4 and under are free. Payment due when you sign up.

And we would love to have many of you involved in the evening’s program!  If you, as an individual or part or a group, would like to provide music, a readings, a skit (or whatever else you might think of), please contact Pastor Kevin Klassen.



Team India Update – November 15, 2016



Greetings from India!

We left Canada on a warm November day, surrounded by a circle of friends who prayed for our safety. We flew to Toronto where we boarded our flight to Delhi, India. Unfortunately, our first airplane had mechanical difficulties and we had to de-plane and re-board another aircraft. After a three-hour delay, we were safely in the air. Our flight to Delhi was almost 14 hours. It was a very full flight and we didn’t get much sleep. We were so thankful to land and get to our hotel. It took us two hours to get through customs, retrieve our baggage, and exit the airport. We stayed overnight at a hotel quite close to the airport.


The next morning, we returned to the airport and boarded another airplane for the trip to Bagdogra airport. We were able to see the majestic Himalayas as we drew closer to our destination. Shakti met us at the airport and brought us to the Siliguri Christian Centre. He gave us a tour of this large facility where we would spend the next six days.

On Sunday, we attended an amazing worship service at Jalpaiguri Baptist Church. The church greeted us warmly with flower necklaces. They fondly remember all the previous team members from Whyte Ridge Baptist Church and enquired about each one. We were so humbled to be asked to pray for various members of the congregation who came forward with concerns. Doug gave a message on unity. Later that evening, our retreat participants began arriving. They came by train and bus.

On Monday morning, we began our first retreat. Each team member has a teaching slot every day lasting an hour and a half. We have a translator for the women – Shini – and another for the men – Biplap. They are excellent translators and often add their own flavour to what we say. As I write this, we have nearly completed two full days of retreat.

We are enjoying meeting many new friends, sharing what we have prepared, trying new foods, and coming closer as a team. We are learning to eat and enjoy new foods including something called daal and a vegetable called Bitter Gourd. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We have also learned that Andrew is the most likely to be mistaken for an Indian; someone even said that he looks like a Punjabi rap star. We can’t quite figure out how he passes as Indian with those blue eyes.

We so need your prayers for us each day. There are things that we struggle with including sleep, unfamiliar food, and discouragement . Many of you may have heard on the news about the currency crisis here in India. The government decided to eliminate the 1000 rupee notes and are replacing the 500 rupee notes with a newer version. They are also adding a 2000 rupee note. Unfortunately, the new notes have not reached the part of the country that we are in. It is a concern because our accommodations and drivers need to be paid in cash. Shakti also needs to reimburse the pastors for their travel. Please pray that God provides the money we need in a miraculous way.

This evening we had the privilege of enjoying some of the culture of India as many of the different groups at the conference shared a dance or a song. It is a special blessing to see how they worship in this way.

Wednesday was our last day of the first retreat. It was sad to see the pastors and women depart as we made many special connections with them. God moved through each of us on the team as we poured our hearts out in the teaching sessions. It was a humbling and learning experience as we depended on God to speak through us each day. Our prayer is that God uses the teaching from our sessions to transform these leaders and their churches over the coming years.
On Thursday we will be taking an early train to Alipurduar at 6:45am. We are looking forward to experiencing transportation as the people of India do on a daily basis. It should be a scenic ride through the beautiful rural countryside of West Bengal.

Team India

Capital Funds Update: Church Family Prayer Time and General Meeting, Mail in Ballots

Church Family Prayer Time – Tuesday, November, 15; 7:00p.m. 

Please join us for a time of prayer this Tuesday as we lift up to the Lord the decision we will be voting on next Sunday, November 20 at the Congregational Meeting concerning the selling of our current building and the construction of a new one on McGillivray Blvd. “Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (Jer. 33:3)

General Meeting—Sunday, November 20; 12:30p.m. 

While the general meeting will include the normal business of setting the operational budget, elections and membership, we will also have a motion from the Board regarding our decision to proceed with building and the potential sale of our current building. To encourage attendance, the meeting will be held immediately after the second service. While the members’ votes will determine acceptance of the motion, all adherents will be asked to vote to show their acceptance of this decision.

Advance Voting / Mail In Ballots

Your vote is important!  Mail in Ballots are currently available at the Information Centre for both members and adherents who are unable to attend this meeting, or by contacting

Hymn Night Rescheduled, Church Family Christmas Dinner Date Confirmed!

Please note that the Hymn Night that had been scheduled for this coming Sunday evening has been postponed until January.

In the meantime, we look forward to a Church Family Christmas Dinner together on Saturday, December 3rd at 5:30 pm. This will feature a variety of music from people in our church family.

Please pass this information along to others, particularly those who may not have access to email / the internet.

Capital Funds Campaign Update

With thanks to God for His blessings and to the people of WRBC for their faith and service, we have $2,805,101 in pledges towards our goal of $3,000,000 (as of Sunday). We will leave the campaign open until November 20th for any who have not yet made a pledge.

The Board met this Tuesday, November 8th to decide on how to move forward and the motion from the Board will be announced by Sunday, November 13th. Let us continue to praise and glorify our God together.

Serve@WhyteRidgeBaptist Opportunity – Donations for New Immigrant Family

There is an immigrant family associated with English Conversations who have recently come to our attention.  They are new to Canada, have very little in the way of household/personal items and insufficient resources to acquire those items.

We are looking for people who might be able to supply some of the following items in support of this family:

  • Small couch
  • Children’s dresser
  • Bed or box spring
  • Small armchair
  • Comforters/bedding for several beds
  • Kitchen utensils, baking sheets, bowls, etc
  • Winter hats, scarfs, mitts, boots
  • Lamps
  • Night stand/table
  • Mirror
  • Ironing board/iron
  • Shovel

If you have any of these items available, please contact our office as soon as possible.  Thank you!

RSVP Today – A New Season of Growth: The ‘Main Event’

“As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to Him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” – 1 Peter 2:4-5

As we have been reminded in Pastor Terry’s sermons over this past month, God is building up a people – a spiritual house of Christ-followers who will honour Jesus with genuine worship and who will grow in an honest longing to honour Him with our lives.

And in every season, God continues to build His people. In every season, He faithfully guides us and provides for us, using various means and circumstances to challenge us in our faith, to demonstrate His love, and to show us the power of His hand, so that we might love Him more deeply, trust Him more fully and serve His Kingdom more effectively.

In this season, God has been shaping us through a process of seeking His will together. We declared in January 2016 that this was to be a year of discernment, a year in which we would intentionally inquire of the Lord as to how He would have us glorify Him with the property on McGillivray Boulevard that He gave to us a number of years ago.

And so this has been a season of prayer, discussion and faith-stretching. And now, ten months later, we continue on in this process of honest discernment. We know that God could still lead us in any direction on this journey, but it has seemed to us that He is leading us in the direction of building a new church building on that McGillivray property. And that belief has now taken us into a Capital Funds Campaign that I believe God will use to continue to stretch our faith and increase our trust and joy in Him.

The finale of this campaign is on Sunday, November 6th. But our desire is to have a special gathering even before this campaign is over so that we might publicly proclaim what God has blessed us with so far (spiritually, relationally and financially) and also so we can worship Him together, declaring that we will celebrate the consistency of His faithfulness no matter where He leads us and regardless of what the monetary result of the campaign will be.

This special gathering is called the Main Event and will be held on Saturday, October 29th at 6:30 pm. It will take place at Soul Sanctuary (2050 Chevrier Boulevard) and promises to be a FUN and MEANINGFUL evening of worship, special music, compelling sharing and fabulous dessert! There will also be nursery childcare for children up to 2 years as well as separate programming provided for children ages 2 – 9 years (with lots of fun snacks and DILL THE CLOWN!!)


Please let us know if you are able to attend the Main Event on October 29th by clicking here. We desire for this event to be packed so that we might worship our God TOGETHER, celebrate His faithfulness TOGETHER, and enjoy the fellowship of our faith community TOGETHER.

At the heart of everything, we want this evening to be a true reflection of our genuine belief that ALL of this – this event, this church, this campaign – is about the glory of Jesus Christ. Let this be a celebration of the wonderful truth that God has created us to be living stones for the SOLE purpose of being built into His spiritual Kingdom of Christ-directed worship! And it is the building of that Kingdom that is truly the Main Event.


Phone Number
Email Address
Allergies, dietary needs, etc.


White Cross Work Day – Thursday, October 13; 9:45 am. 

Donations required!! We are once again looking for old cottons or flannelette; (e.g. sheets, pillow cases) to make bandages for our NABC Mission Health Care Facilities in Nigeria. Please leave in the container behind the information center.

A work day is scheduled for Thursday, October 13 at 9:45 AM in the church foyer. Anyone is welcome to come to and help.  Please contact Lorna Betcher for additional information.

For more information on the NAB White Cross, click HERE.

Capital Funds Campaign—Small Group Information Meetings – October 2 – 13


The opportunity to register for the Capital Funds Campaign—Small Group Information Meetings from October 2 – 13 is now available online!

If you have already registered – thank you!  Please note your requested date(s), and plan to attend!  Note that first requests are honoured unless otherwise contacted.

These information sessions will be conducted at Whyte Ridge Baptist Church from 7:00-8:30p.m. in groups of 8 to 20 people.  Please be sure to attend one of the session dates noted below: 


Sunday, October 2
Tuesday, October 4
Wednesday, October 5 
Friday, October 7
Tuesday, October 11
Wednesday, October 12
Thursday, October 13
(all times 7:00 – 8:00 pm)

What will be done at these sessions? You will be given a copy of the Campaign “Case Statement” (a document outlining the building project) and a presentation of this project by members of the campaign committee and pastoral staff will be shared. You will have an opportunity for Q&A, discussion and for providing any comments you may have.

No financial commitment will be asked for at this time. You will be asked to prayerfully consider what God would have you do to financially contribute to the cost of this new ministry facility (a financial pledge will be requested on Commitment Sunday, October 30). Your ongoing prayer engagement for this project will also be requested.

If anyone has any further questions, please contact Bob Fast (488-4620) or Gary Schellenberg (256-1672).


4HG – Monday, October 3, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

4HG will be at the church for the evening to share potluck supper. Please bring enough food of your choice for about 10 people. Due to allergies, please clearly label any foods that contain nuts or wheat (gluten).

If you have food allergies, please advise. Thank you!!


Reminder: Worship By The Lake Service – 10 am, Sunday, September 11, 2016

Worship By The Lake – Join us Sunday morning, September 11th, 10 am at the future home of Whyte Ridge Baptist Church on McGillivray to Celebrate the Faithfulness of God.

For those who were unable to attend the Saturday evening, check out portions of the evening broadcast via Facebook live on our Facebook page!

We will especially be remembering the gift and the purpose of the land that God has given us on McGillivray.

Bring your lawn chairs as we continue our celebration with an outdoor worship service at 10 am, followed by a BBQ lunch (so bring your appetite).

See you there!

Church-Wide Paintball – Saturday, September 24, 2016

Join us for an morning of fun at Splatter’s (near New Bothwell) on Saturday, Sept 24th from 10 am – noon!

Age: All welcome, min age is 10 yrs
Cost: $25-30 (see handout at info centre)
Contact: Pastor Doug (489-3875) or via email.

Note:  *a Waiver form is needed for this event.  Please pick one up at sign-up sheet at Info Centre or download one HERE.

For directions, costs, and what to wear, visit
*$10 discount off prices listed on website

Worship By The Lake: A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness – A Reflection by Pastor Kevin Klassen

I first came to Whyte Ridge Baptist Church 21 years ago.  Not really because I wanted to.  And certainly not because I was very interested in finding a church home.  I recall that I visited this church reluctantly, coming here together with someone who had other friends who attended here.  And then I basically never left.

WRBC very quickly became my church family and, ever since then, God has used my time at this church to change my life in some very significant ways.  First of all, it is here that I met my beautiful wife (on the worship team, no less).  And it is also here that I have found and enjoyed many life-giving friendships.  And even deeper than that, God has used the teachings, the relationships, the joys, the challenges and the experiences that I have had in the context of this church family to change me on the inside.  He has used my time in this church to mercifully convict me and lovingly shape me, teaching me about His Word, His grace and His sufficiency.

And in recent years, God has granted me the profound joy of serving as a pastor of worship and care – ministering within the very family that has loved me and walked with me throughout almost all of my adult life.  God is so very, very good!

Because of this history, there are plenty of personal stories that I could tell about God’s faithfulness to us and through us as a church family.  And I know that there are many others who could do the same, whether they have attended for a long time or a short time.

And this coming weekend, September 10th and 11th, we are going to be gathering at our church property on McGillivray Boulevard to Celebrate the Faithfulness of God!  It will be a fun weekend of worship, fellowship and prayer – remembering the stories of God’s faithfulness in the past and asking and thanking Him for His continued faithfulness in the future.

We will be especially be remembering the gift and the purpose of the land that God has given us on McGillivray.  In fact, this weekend will serve as a celebratory kickoff to a Capital Funds Campaign that we expect will move us forward toward the construction of a new church building that God will use to continue to faithfully build His kingdom in and through us.

Worship By The Lake:

On Saturday evening at 7 pm, we’ll have an outdoor celebration that will include much praise and prayer as well as stories that celebrate the Lord and His loving kindness.   Following that will be a bonfire and fireworks.  A few of us are also camping there overnight and you’re welcome to join us (and there are portapotties there, in case that’s a deal-breaker).


Sunday morning we’ll continue our celebration with an outdoor worship service at 10 am, followed by a BBQ lunch.


Everyone is welcome!!!  Bring your friends, bring your lawn chairs, bring your mosquito repellent and bring hearts that are ready to worship the Lord.   Prepare your own heart by reflecting upon your own story of how you have seen God’s faithfulness to you and to this church family.  And let us come before Him with thanksgiving and also with anticipation of how He may use this land and building in the discipleship, worship and witness of His church.

For just as we each have personal stories to tell of God’s work in and around us during our time at WRBC, I believe His faithfulness is most greatly reflected in the way that He chooses to include us in the Great Story that He is writing in the building of His Kingdom for His glory.  God is so very, very good!

– Written by Pastor Kevin Klassen, Associate Pastor – Worship and Care


Worship By The Lake

Secret Sister Reveal Party – Saturday, September 17 @ 6:00 pm

Secret Sister Reveal has been planned at the home of Lorraine Bergmann on Saturday, September 17 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Each sister is to decorate a box with her secret sister favourite dessert. Each sister is to bring a salad. Sign up sheet is at the church information centre as to what kind of salad. ALSO “ALL ABOUT ME” sheet is to be filled out and returned to Phyllis Van Drunen or Emmie Dryjski prior to the party.  They are also at the Information Centre. 

New ladies are welcome -just bring a salad of your choice, a toonie, and your “all about me” to the party.

Information on our secret sister program is at the Information Centre or contact Phyllis at 204 488 2333.

Secret Sisters Reveal

Mark Your Calendar: Worship By The Lake – September 10 / 11, 2016

Mark your calendar!  Worship by the Lake (at the McGillivray property) is September 10 & 11, 2016!

September 10, 7:00 pm—Building Campaign Kick-Off:  A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness – An evening of family worship, open to all!

September 11, 10:00 am—Sunday Service & BBQ lunch – Our annual outdoor service, held at the McGillivray property.  Invite your friends and family to join us at this special service.

Worship By The Lake

Please contact our office for additional details!

My God Story – Rui Pan

Hi Whyte Ridge church family, my name is Rui Pan.

My husband and I have been attending this church since last December. I really like the different group events that happen at the church. I enjoyed the women’s study this February in the winter. It helped me to know Christ in more specific ways and build the relationship with the church family.

As a new believer, I always wonder about how ministries are working out. Three of my closest friends they have been served God in China, Russia and Albania for years. I was so curious how they can have such strong faith to do God’s work in other counties for years. As their influence, I also want to have the same faith as them to sever God and help other people. From my last job, I was struggling that I don’t have the basic respect from the owner. I was praying to have a respectful, grateful and loving working environment. God answer my prayer by inviting me as one of the summer missionaries at Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) to teach 5-day Clubs for 6 weeks.

CEF sends out trained and fully equipped high school and college-age youth (Christian Youth in Action – CYIA) who are dispatched in teams of two to lead Clubs in communities across the province. I was able to partner with some other young missionaries to teach children ages 5-12 at 5-Day clubs around Manitoba.


All Summer Missionaries are young people that are supported by CEF, friends and family who become part of their ministry to the children through prayers and financial support.

Rui Pan 2

Little children between the ages of 5 and 12 can attend 5-Day Clubs for free, for a week of Bible lessons and memory verses, songs, fun games and mission stories.

Rui Pan 3

5-Day Clubs will take place from July 3 till August 19th 2016. The first week in July will be spent in training with other missionaries.

Rui Pan 4

Many of the little children attending Clubs do not know who Jesus is or how to have a relationship with God. I am excited that I can be a part of bringing the Gospel to them and our prayer is that many little children will come to know Christ this summer.

Becoming a missionary not only helped me to build my faith stronger but also taught me the importance of bringing the gospel to children. That is the reason I joined CEF and 5-Day club ministry this summer.


Please submit your comments regarding these posts at our website.

For more information on Child Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, visit

Submitted by Rui Pan.

WRBC Women’s Retreat – October 21-23, 2016

DON’T DELAY! Registration deadline is September 25. If questions, contact Barb Morris.

Register TODAY at the Information Centre!

Location: Pinewood Lodge. Adults $150; FT Students (gr.9 and up) $75.

Please note online registration is not available.

55+ Growing in Grace Lunch – Featuring Arvid Loewn

On Thursday, Sept 8th we are invited join the 55+ group at Whyte Ridge Baptist Church (201 Scurfield Blvd) for lunch and the opportunity to hear marathon cyclist and “Cross Canada Guinness World Record Holder,” Arvid Loewen, tell his inspirational story From Success to Significance! 

Please contact WRBC (204-489-3875 or office@whyteridgebaptist.caby August 28 so that they can prepare for the meal accordingly.

Cost is $10 per person for lunch. Contact Bonnie Tholl for additional information.

Growing In Grace - WRBC


Coming Soon: Updates to our Website!

During the upcoming month, you will be seeing various modifications to our site.  We will be announcing these changes via the website, social media and email…so look for updates on these changes!

We want to hear from you!  If you have any suggestions to improve our sites, please let us know!

Have you ever wanted to be a Starbucks barista?* Volunteers needed at the Coffee Bar!

Volunteers are needed for the coffee bar (before and after the service). If you would like to help out, please contact Sheryl Hague (204-475-4898 or

(*Note:  The word barista is an Italian word, and in Italian, a barista is a male or female.  Both men and women are welcome to join in on this important WRBC ministry…)

Meadowood Manor Birthday Party—Tuesday, June 28; 1:30p.m.

Volunteers are  appreciated; parents with young children welcome!  To sign up contact the WRBC office.  For information, contact: Lorraine Bergmann (204-883-2158).

Camp Nutimik is looking for Summer Staff!

Nutimik PicAre you interested in serving with us as a cabin leader, dishwasher or housekeeper? If so, Camp Nutimik is looking for Summer Staff!  Visit for details!

Billeting for Garden Hill Volunteers Required for July

One couple and two adult women are arriving Thursday, June 30 and will be flying north to Berens River on July 2. They would require pick-up at Winnipeg airport on Thursday and accommodation for Thursday and Friday night plus drop-off at St. Andrews airport Saturday, July 2 (they will entertain themselves on the Friday). They are also in need of accommodation on Saturday, July 9 and a return to Winnipeg airport on Sunday, July 10.  

Another (unmarried) couple arrive on Friday, July 1 and would need pick-up at Winnipeg airport and drop-off at St. Andrews the next morning. They are serving with us for two weeks, and would require accommodation on Saturday, July 16, with a drop-off at Winnipeg airport on Sunday, July 17.  If interested in serving together with Pathway Camp Ministries in this way, please contact