Welcome to Whyte Ridge Baptist Church!


We are glad that you are here to check out our website – to take the time to read and learn a little more about us as a faith community!

At Whyte Ridge Baptist we are growing to be a fellowship of Christians deeply rooted in God and intimately connected to one another. We believe those are two needs that all people have in common, a close relationship with God and significant relationships with other people who are like-minded. We are also growing to be an externally focused church, showing the heart of God to our community and caring for people of other nations.

We recognize that when Jesus walked the earth He showed us how to live as one who chose to serve. Our purpose in life also comes from serving. We believe we  honor God by being disciples who clearly demonstrate changed lives in their worship, fellowship, and witness. We are a people who recognize the stresses that come to us all at different stages of life, and we seek to minister to one another as we journey.

Children and youth, young adults and singles, young married couples and families with children, middle-aged and seniors, students, immigrants, widows… every station in life has its challenges, and we want to point people to God at each stage. We recognize the uniqueness of each stage in life, but we value being an inter-generational people. We believe that finding our place in the family means engaging with those at different stages. Mysteriously the whole body builds itself up in love as each part does its work (Eph. 4:16).

We love celebrating our diversity in a way that reflects the unity we have in Jesus Christ. Our experience has taught us that the crossroads and transitions of life are critical moments when God has our attention and is intent on taking us to the next level of our Spiritual formation. That could be as a result of a move, a loss, a change or some kind of transition. If you find yourself at such a place, and you would like to know more about our church, please explore our website or contact the church office to arrange a visit with one of our pastors at 204-489-3875 or by email.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. May the Lord Jesus Himself shepherd you at this stage of your life, for your good and His glory!

The Pastoral Staff and Leadership of Whyte Ridge Baptist Church