Volunteer for Worldwide Internet Ministry to Children

Bible for Children is a Winnipeg-based internet ministry to the two billion children around the world. Their website provides 60 free Bible stories (from Genesis to Revelation) translated into over 130 languages. Over the past five years they have typically had five million Bible stories read each by children all over the world. Also, missionaries and local church pastors in many countries use these stories freely to share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in their place of service

The stories are available world-wide in many of the major world languages, but the desire is that children everywhere can read about Jesus in their own language, wherever they are. The next goal is 1,000 languages!

There are two opportunities:
1. Volunteer to translate the Bible stories from English into a language you speak. The actual process of translating the text of a story is simple ,not very time-consuming ,and all done on your own computer and through email. BFC provides step-by-step guidance. Each story may take only a couple of hours.
2. Volunteer to create new Bible story files. BFC uses PowerPoint and then converts to Adobe PDF format. They are also planning to create epub files.

About 40 of our languages have all 60 stories completed. If you know a language other than English and are willing to help, please email us with the language you know and we will tell you if it is already completed.

All of the translation work and other computer work is done via email, so you don’t even have to leave your own home.

Please email Greg at greg@bibleforchildren.org, or call 204-338-3664.

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