‘The Nature and Function of the Church’ – Pastor Doug Friesen

An excerpt from Pastor Doug Friesen’s article, ‘The Nature and Function of the Church’, as referred to during his January 24th message:

What is the nature of the church? In today’s society there is a lot of confusion as to what a church actually is. By no means does the word “Christian” exclusively come to mind when people hear the word “church” in causal conversation. For the term “church” is used for a wide variety of religious groups (such as Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, etc.) and thus the Biblical use of the word is often not known. In fact, if most people were asked today what a church is, the most common response would be that it is type of building in which a variety of religious groups meet in order to have their services. But what does the Bible say the church is? What is its nature? By looking at various biblical images used throughout the Scriptures, this paper will shed some light on the nature of the church.

Other questions about the church which arise today are: “What is the function of the church?”; and “What exactly are we put on this earth to do?” Once again, the answers to these questions are readily found within the Scriptures and are just waiting to be explored!

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